Robotic vision technologyTOF
Detection Range0.3-1m
Detection Accuracy1%
Base line7.9mm
Operating temperature-20℃~60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~80℃
External communication interfaceI2C, MIPI
Dimension (mm) L x D x H36.38*20.6*8.55
Power consumptionOptical part: 2.2W (instantaneous), in which the duty ratio is 5%; Module part: 450MW
Power supply

VDDIO1V8: 1.8V

DVDD1V2: 1.2V

V_ILLU: 3.6V

VCC33: 3.3V

VMIX1V2: 1.2V

DepthResolutionMaximum support is 640*480
FOVH61°±3°; V76.3°±3°
The data formatRAW12
Data interfaceMIPI


ResolutionMaximum support is 640*480
FOVH61°; V76.3°,support longitudinal field of vision
The data formatRAW
Data interfaceMIPI


Recognition rateTAR > 99% @Far = one in a million
Facial database easy to add or subtract1: N support up to 100 people
Anti-counterfeitingPrevent photos, videos, paper, masks, head mold and other attack means
Longitudinal visual fieldMaximize the use of longitudinal visual field, in line with the proportion of the face
IR/ DEPTH Time-sharing OutputSupports alternate infrared /depth time sharing output
ROISupport area of interest functionality


Feature of Product

Easy to integrate and convenient to develop.

Smaller size and low power consumption.

Single high speed cold start within 500ms millisecond level.

Facial database is easy to add or subtract, 1: N support up to 100 people.

Management functions can be added, including administrator, registration, deletion, query, etc., and communication can be carried out through serial port protocol.

High precision output

The maximum supported resolution for depth maps is 480*640px.

Infrared image supports the highest resolution of 480*640px.

Depth FOV: H61°,V76.3°, support longitudinal field of vision, in line with the face proportion, maximize the use of field of vision.

Safe and reliable, high identification accuracy

Prevent two-dimensional static, three-dimensional head mold, mask and other attack means, strong anti-counterfeiting.

TAR > 99%, FAR= one in a million.

Application scenarios


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