Robotic Vision System Solution Provider


Endow robots with intelligent eyes.

Multi-domain, multi-environment.

Depth cameras built specifically for face recognition.




The location camera built by Sunny OIT is suitable for all kinds of service robots. The depth camera can measure from 0.2 meters to 8 meters, with an error of less than 1%. It can quickly realize various requirements of robot based on obstacle avoidance, scene reconstruction, path planning and so on.


Vacuum Robot

Sunny OIT provides various robotic vision system solutions for vacuum robot. It combinate  navigation, recognition, obstacle avoidance, map creation, and Various requirements such as path planning.


Smart Home

Sunny OIT strives to create a series of low energy consumption, small size, safer smart home equipment vision solutions for smart home environment, which can achieve many contents such as education, motion games, motion entertainment, motion fitness and so on.



The new applications of Sunny OIT for AR/VR devices not only provide high frame rate and wide-angle 2D vision solutions for image acquisition, eye tracking, etc. More high-precision 3D vision scheme, to achieve environmental perception, spatial positioning, spatial modeling, gesture control, attitude recognition and other more functions.


ID Indentification

Sunny OIT face recognition series depth camera has a built-in 3D depth sensor and dot matrix projector, which can accurately identify face by projecting more than 30,000 points. The embedded face recognition algorithm and live detection algorithm can obtain highly accurate 3D depth information through USB/ Type-C interface connection, so as to realize rapid development.


Smart Lock

Sunny OIT originally designed the visual scheme of smart door locks, which satisfies the needs of face recognition under different scenarios of residential buildings, offices, apartments, hotels, etc.


Industrial Robot

Sunny OIT has invested a lot of research and development resources, and has launched AGV navigation obstacle avoidance, laser welding seam positioning and guidance and other market segments vision solutions.

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