Working distanceHorizontal: 0.35-1m Vertical: 1.2-2m
Depth accuracy1mm@0.6m
Operating temperature-10℃~60℃
Storage temperature-30℃~70℃
External communication interfaceUART
Average power consumption650mW 
Depth/IR resolutionMaximum support 1020*1280
Depth/IR FOV62°±2°(H)*75°±2°; Supports vertical field of view
Data formatRAW
Data interfaceMIPI
Face database1:N supports up to 100 individuals
IR/Depth alternating outputYES
Power supplyWide voltage output of 4.5-16V


Feature of Product

Integrated design. Compact, low power.

Equipped with low-power chip, built-in power management module.

Deeply optimized visual algorithm, unlocking time <1s.

Integrated design, easy for lock companies to integrate, only requires serial port connection to use.

Safe and reliable, high recognition accuracy.

Payment-grade 3D facial recognition algorithm.

3D liveness detection prevents attacks such as 2D static images, 3D head models, and masks.

TAR > 99%, FAR = one in a million.

Equipped with anti-spoofing features for tailgating, mask-wearing, occlusion, loitering, and hijacking scenarios.

Vertical wide field of view, providing full coverage of the scene.

Recognizes facial features of individuals within a height range of 1.2-2 meters, suitable for all ages.

Accurately captures facial information in low light or dark conditions.

Application scenarios


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